Science News:

November 12, 2021

Role of elastic deformation on the 79N glacier

Our former colleague Julia Christmann, in collaboration with GROCE colleagues from subproject 2, published their most recent modelling results in a new exciting research article in Nature Communications Earth and Environment.

Does elastic deformation of the 79°N Glacier influence velocity of ice streams further inland?

Here you can read about their findings. 

Expedition news:

October 29, 2021

Observing ocean-glacier interaction

Our colleagues Rebecca McPherson and Torsten Kanzow bring us once more below the 79NG glacier aboard the Danish Navy ship, HDMS TRITON: what insight are expected from the measurement campaign?

Read Rebecca McPherson report. 

Expedition news:

October 14, 2021

Chasing supraglacial lakes

Angelika Humbert and Veit Helm set off to Greenland in summer 2021 for an exciting airborne campaign. With the support of a phantastic crew, they flew over supraglacial lakes in the middle of the melt season. A fascinating experience searching for lakes on the ice sheet that suddenly drain.

What is the aim of their investigation? What methods did they use?

Angelika Humbert reports from the campaign.

Science news:

September 07, 2021

Supraglacial lakes!

Jenny Turton & colleagues took a closer look at the ice surface in northeast Greenland. Based on satellite images, they have measured countless meltwater lakes and examined the weather conditions under which they are increasingly formed.

Their results were recently published in the science magazine The Cryosphere!

Jenny Turton explains what's behind it


August 16, 2021

Markus Reinert - Our colleague for modeling the ocean below the 79° North Glacier

In our second phase of the GROCE project, we welcomed two new PhDs in our team! One of them is Markus Reinert. With the help of an ocean model, he studies the ocean circulation below the ice tongue of the 79°North Glacier. The more realistic he will simulate the ocean, the better he will be able to answer one of the major questions within our project: How much faster will the glacier melt with a warming and more saline Atlantic Ocean?

Our interview with Markus Reinert