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welcome to the website of the research project GROCE. GROCE stands for "Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Interaction", and is a collaborative effort of several German universities and research institutions funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project partners combine expertise from oceanography, glaciology, geodesy and many other disciplines to investigate key questions related to Greenlands melting glaciers and their interaction with the atmosphere and ocean. This website contains background information about the research topic, introduces the project and its partners, and gives you an impression of their work. Currently most content is only in German, but will be translated soon. Happy browsing!

GROCE is a multidisciplinary collaboration between many German institutes and universities. Please find here an overview poster.

The aim of GROCE is to contribute to a better understanding of the interaction between the the melting Greenland ice sheet and the adjacent warming ocean, in order to improve our forecasting abilities of sea-level rise.

A collection of all publications resulting from the work within GROCE.

GROCE encompasses a large number of different research disciplines. Find here the details about the 11 subprojects.


More than a quarter of the currently observed average sea-level rise originates from the mass loss of Greenland's massive ice cap.

Here you can find a blog about the expedition of the German vessel Polarstern to the front of the 79 °N Glacier in September 2017.

Curious about the people working in this project? Here we introduce our team.

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