More than a quarter of the currently observed average sea-level rise originates from the mass loss of Greenland's massive ice cap.

The aim of GROCE is to contribute to a better understanding of the interaction between the the melting Greenland ice sheet and the adjacent warming ocean, in order to improve our forecasting abilities of sea-level rise.

GROCE encompasses a large number of different research disciplines. Find here the details about the 11 subprojects.

Here you can find a blog about the expedition of the German vessel Polarstern to the front of the 79 °N Glacier in September 2017.

Curious about the people working in this project? Here we introduce our team.

A collection of all publications resulting from the work within GROCE.

GROCE is a multidisciplinary collaboration between many German institutes and universities. Please find here a poster providing an overview over our project partners and research goals from the first project phase.