Science news

What are our new scientific insights? What are we currently working on? Here we will post once in a while some news about our ongoing work.

2022/06/20: Subglacial Melt Water Plumes

2022/01/31: Freshwater runoff from Peripheral Glaciers into the ocean

2021/12/17: Release of Greenland ice factsheet

2021/11/12: Role of elastic deformation on the 79N glacier

2021/09/07: Supraglacial lakes

2021/07/08: Where does the meltwater end up?

2021/07/01: Using AI for mapping calving front positions


On expedition

2022/07: Instruments designed for extreme conditions: how do they cope with melting glaciers?

2021/10: New observations of Atlantic water under the 79°N glacier: what has happened down there in the meantime?

2021/10: On the hunt for supraglacial lakes. Fly over the glaciers with Angelika Humbert.

2021/07: By plane and helicopter to Northeast Greenland - the starting signal for the measurement campaign in 2021!

2017/09: Find out more about the Polarstern expedition in September 2017 (PS109) to the calving front of the 79°N glacier in the Helmholtz blog!

2016/08: Janin Schaffer reports on the PS100 expedition, when we measured warm Atlantic water under the floating ice tongue of the 79°N glacier for the first time.

Meet our scientists

In this blog series we interview scientists from our project to bring you closer to their work on Greenland.

Jenny Turton - Senior Science Advisor for Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø / Meteorologist

Thorben Döhne - PhD student at the Institute for Planetary Geodesy, Dresden / Satellite data

Malena Andernach - PhD student at the Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg / Ice sheet modelling

Katrina Bartek - PhD student at the Institute for Geography in Erlangen / Satellite data and Field work

Markus Reinert - PhD student at the IOW / ocean modelling

Ole Zeising - PhD student in glaciology at AWI / field work on 79 North Glacier

Sophie Stolzenberger - PostDoc at the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation, Bonn / Ocean modelling & satellite data