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What are our new scientific insights? What are we currently working on? Here we will post once in a while some news about our ongoing work.

How did the calving front position of the 79North Glacier change over the past years?

(... work in progress ...)


Meet our scientists

In this series, we perform interviews with different scientists from the GROCE project about their work.

Ole Zeising is a PhD student in the glaciology group at the Alfred Wegener Institute. He tells us about the unique experiences he gained during his field trip to the 79 North Glacier in summer 2017.

Sophie Stolzenberger works as a PostDoc at the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation in Bonn. With the help of ocean models and satellite data she studies how the melting of the Greenland ice sheet changes the sea level and the ocean circulation.


In order to improve our knowledge on processes governing ocean-glacier-ice sheet interaction we use climate models but also take measurements in Northeast Greenland. Here you find information on the expeditions we joined to collect our data.

R/V Polarstern Expedition PS100: During the GRIFF expedition of the German research icebreaker Polastern in September 2016, researchers discover warm Atlantic water under the floating ice tongue of the 79°N glacier. An expedition report by project member Janin Schaffer.

R/V Polarstern Expedition PS109: In September 2017, the German research icebreaker Polarstern once again visited the calving front of the 79°N glacier. The scientists on board inform on the Helmholtz blog about their work.