Dynamic of the grounding line at the 79°N Glacier

In the first project phase (2017-2020) in subproject 3, we used a numerical model to investigate the effect of the tides on the movement of the touchdown line between the floating glacier tongue and the inland ice formed by the 79 ° N glacier (79NG). For this, a visco-elastic rheological material model was used, which was solved together with the momentum balance as a Stokes equation using finite elements. Our improved ice model thus provides the basis for more precise forecasts of the future contribution of the glacier to sea level rise.

In the second project phase (2020-2023), we want to use the results from subprojects 2 and 3 to investigate the glacier and ocean processes in more detail. For this purpose, we will use a coupled ocean-sea ice-ice shelf-ice sheet model, on which glaciologists and oceanographers will work together in subproject 2 in the future. You can find more information on the results from the first project phase of subproject 3 and the future goals here.

Contacts (project phase 1): Dr. Julia Christmann, Prof. Dr. Angelika Humbert and Prof. Dr. Ralf Müller