Subproject 9: Processes within ice-shelf boundary layer flow and parameterisation thereof

This subproject aims at understanding the hydrodynamic processes which are responsible for basal melt rates and the heat flow in the area of the glacial tongue of the 79°N glacier. This is approached by configuring, using and analyzing idealized but realistic model simulations with a good numerical resolution of the various processes concerning the ice-ocean boundary. In this context, special attention
is paid to the understanding of the thermohaline circulation in the approximately 100 km long, 20 km wide and 800 m deep cavern below the ice shelf of the 79°N glacier. The well-known three-equation model for the basal melt rate and the heat flow is to be consistently implemented into the model systems GOTM (1D) and GETM (3D) in order to obtain a modeling tool which enables a quantification of both values. This shall eventually lead to the setup of a realisitic, highly resolved and multiannual 3D model of the 79°N glacier, which will help towards a quantitative analysis of both the melt water flow and the heat flow.